How to Follow Reddit

Ketchup lets you follow Reddit in a unique way. We let you control when and how often you want to be briefed on the new posts of any Subreddit. In this article, we'll show you how to follow Subreddits on Ketchup and an example of the end result.

Step 1. Go to the Subreddit you want to follow.

Reddit topic of your choice

Step 2. Copy the URL.
If you installed our Chrome extension, you can just click on the extension icon and skip Step 3.

Copy URL of Reddit

Step 3. Paste the URL to Ketchup.

Paste URL to Ketchup

Step 4. Click on "Add"

Clicking on the add button on Ketchup

Step 5. Click on "Follow"
In this example, you would receive an email every day of the curated summary of all top posts on r/CryptoCurrency. You can change this interval schedule to fit your needs.

Clicking on the follow button on Ketchup

Step 6. Check your email.
This is an example of what you would receive from Ketchup every day.

Checking email from Ketchup

You can click on "Preferences" to update your preferences.
By default, the time interval between each digest is one day. You can change this any time by coming back to the channel page. We'll include a shortcut in the email digest for your convenience.

Naturally, your interests will change over time. Also, the content will change over time. Ketchup lets you improve your curation by letting you change the time intervals and filters along the way.

Information decision diagram