Ketchup Chrome Extension

Ketchup Chrome extension gives you a button that lets you curate feeds with two clicks.


How to Use

(with or without the chrome extension)

  1. Log in.

  2. Enter the URL of the feed from Reddit, Twitter, or Hacker News (see below for examples).

    • Desktop Chrome users

      1. Install Ketchup Chrome Extension
      2. Go to your feed.
      3. Click on the extension icon.
    • Others (Mobile, Firefox, etc)

      1. Go to the feed (website or app).
      2. Copy the URL of the feed (use the share button if you're using an app).
      3. Come back to our website.
      4. Use the plus button on the top of the page to add your feed.

  3. Subscribe.

    By default, the time interval between each digest is one day. You can change this any time by coming back to the subscription page. We'll include a shortcut in the digest for your convenience.

    Naturally, your interests will change over time. Also, the content will change over time. Ketchup lets you improve your curation by letting you change the time intervals and filters along the way.


You have access to millions of Twitter accounts and communities on Reddit. Here are some examples: