Naval @naval · Oct 9

Technology and trade consolidate production and democratize consumption. The best in the world at anything gets to do it for everyone.

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Naval @naval · Oct 9

The single best productivity hack that everyone should aspire to - don’t keep a schedule. …

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Naval @naval · Oct 10

University degrees are the new taxi medallions.

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Naval @naval · Oct 11

Zero-sum games tend towards conflict. Positive-sum games tend towards cooperation.

Balaji S. Srinivasan @balajis
It appears easier to emotionally align people against something and to economically align people for something.

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Naval @naval · Oct 13

I still don’t see how the unarmed half of the country is going to overthrow the candidate elected by the armed half of the country.

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Naval @naval · Oct 14

In an age of abundance, the pursuit of pleasure for its own sake leads to addiction.

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Naval @naval · Oct 14

“Whatever can be understood, can be understood through explanatory knowledge. And more, any physical process can be controlled by such knowledge, limited only by the laws of physics.”

David Deutsch @DavidDeutschOxf
My robotic TED talk is online at last:

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Naval @naval · Oct 15

Why get a check when you can get a checkbook?

Spearhead @spearhead
Spearhead Opens Applications for $1M Angel Funds

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Naval @naval · Oct 16

The smarter you get, the slower you read.

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Naval @naval · Oct 21

Changing your interpretation of your past is often just as good as changing your past.

Forgivenes changes the meaning of the past. In this way, you are omnipotent in that you can change the past and the future with your own thoughts.

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