Michael Seibel @mwseibel · Oct 1

Have a finance/modelling background and interested in working for YC? We are hiring:



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Michael Seibel @mwseibel · Oct 2

The new 2019 Y Combinator Top Companies List. Congrats to all the great companies who made the list this year. Also shout out to the YC Growth Program.



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Michael Seibel @mwseibel · Oct 2

There is a new term I am hearing more and more in the startup tech world that I'm not really familiar with: "technical advisor". Can anyone shed some light on what this means in the startup specific context?

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Michael Seibel @mwseibel · Oct 2

Really excited for this launch!

Henrique Dubugras @hdubugras
We launched Brex Cash. A bank account replacement w/ an industry-leading yield; the only one that rather than charge you, rewards you; integrated w/ Card for full visibility on how money flows thru your business.

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Michael Seibel @mwseibel · Oct 7

If you are actively monetizing a human addiction you really have to think hard about whether you are making the world a better or worse place. Humans regularly become addicted to products that are very harmful.

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Michael Seibel @mwseibel · Oct 7

Btw - I'm "addicted" to many useful products and services.

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Michael Seibel @mwseibel · Oct 11

Early stage founders and those considering starting a company should watch this video from @daltonc

Y Combinator @ycombinator
Consume Information That Encourages You To Do More - Dalton Caldwell ()

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Michael Seibel @mwseibel · Oct 15

Congrats to ZeroDown. They just launched a search engine for finding the house of your dreams. Check it out here:



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Michael Seibel @mwseibel · Oct 16

I'm reading a draft of the YC guide to Raising a Series A created by @harris and @janellehmtam. It's 71 pages long!

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Michael Seibel @mwseibel · Oct 16

Oh and @jasonkwon wrote a big part as well :)

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