Elad Gil @eladgil · Oct 6

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/05/world/europe/paris-anne-hildago-green-city-climate-change.html … 🤔

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Elad Gil @eladgil · Oct 8

Is this some judo move by @googlecalendar to destroy the productivity of Google competitors by shipping "Working Hours" as calendar as default *on*? Wonder if Google just singlehandedly dropped GDP growth in specific verticals.

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Elad Gil @eladgil · Oct 9

There should be some form of גמר חתימה טובה for intermittent fasting....

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Elad Gil @eladgil · Oct 10

Congrats to @LatticeHQ!

Jack Altman @jaltma
Excited to share our series C led by Tiger Global! Happy to have more fuel to keep building out our platform and bringing it to more people 🤗

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Elad Gil @eladgil · Oct 10

Congrats to @Color on partnership with @Google Verily!

Color @Color
Thrilled to partner with 's Verily to return actionable genetic information to Health Study participants: our joint commitment to furthering research while also recognizing an ethical responsibility for the universal return of actionable results.

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Elad Gil @eladgil · Oct 11

High Growth Handbook out of stock on Amazon, but you can still order by clicking the "buy button" and it will ship soon.

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Elad Gil @eladgil · Oct 13

Paging @LauraDeming

Brian Armstrong @brian_armstrong
Start working on longevity 😁

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Elad Gil @eladgil · Oct 14

Observation: Companies that innovate and ship product 2 early in their life keep innovating. Companies that take a long time to add a second product, never add one (except for M&A).

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Elad Gil @eladgil · Oct 14

Holey moley @Opendoor!

Opendoor @Opendoor
We're excited to announce the addition of new leaders to the Opendoor executive team and board of directors.

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Elad Gil @eladgil · Oct 18

3 Tips To Nail YC Interview from @garrytan



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