Liquid graphics (gfycat.com)
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Theres too many people that dont know this: SteamVR has an option for passthrough! Just enable the camera in your SteamVR settings, and in VR just double-tap your steamvr home button to enable pass-through. (gfycat.com)
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Qualcomm Says New Wi-Fi 6E Chips Support "VR-class low latency" for Wireless VR Streaming (roadtovr.com)
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Neo 2 Eye includes dynamic foveated rendering powered by Tobii, reducing shading load by up to 72%, with increased framerate by up to 66%. Doesn't seem powered by AI like DeepFovea is. (displaydaily.com)
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We're Working on an asynchronous (both on one computer) Co-op Update for StarShelter. (v.redd.it)
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HP Reverb G2 Pre-orders are now LIVE!!! (hp.com)
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Tales Of Glory - Campaign Trailer - Official Release on May 30th (youtube.com)
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My hands go crazy whenever i move them. it works fine in oculus but as soon as i open Steam VR they start going crazy like that (v.redd.it)
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FREE ROAM CITY in VR is here ! (v.redd.it)
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I set out to assemble gameplay for this level aaaaand I ended up making this instead... (v.redd.it)
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