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Ketchup lets you catch up with people and topics that you care about on your own terms.

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Why Ketchup?

Just because one of your friends on social media posts multiple times every day, that doesn't make him or her more important than another friend who posts maybe once a week or once a month. However, social media rewards people that post more by giving them more visibility. What's worse is that you'll probably miss those important but less frequent posts unless you're on social media everyday.

We rebuilt the news feed from the ground up to help you stay connected at an individual level. It's like what Twitter would be like, if they had built their own version of Instagram Story.

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Focus on one person at a time

See photos and messages from one person at a time like a conversation.

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Chronological order

Other social media platforms use reverse chronological order. We're different. You can read updates like a story.

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Continue where you left off

You can continue where you left off and also scroll up to review the context of the story.

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Detect New Content Automatically

Ketchup detects new content for you automatically and you can jump from person to person by simply swiping (or tapping).

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